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ProjectForum4t2 charges a commission, depending on the installable module power, to buyers of objects for connecting vendors and potential buyers and for any resulting business transactions. The following tabular price list defines the amount of this commission:

Location of the object System type Commission for project rights for PV systems Commission for (i) turn-key PV systems to be built, and (ii) operational PV systems which have been commissioned after the 30th of June 2012 Commission for operational PV systems which have been commissioned until the 30th of June 2012
Greece, Romania Ground mounted system 0.015 Euro/Wp 0.030 Euro/Wp 0.030 Euro/Wp
Greece, Romania All other system types 0.025 Euro/Wp 0.040 Euro/Wp 0.040 Euro/Wp
All other countries Ground mounted system 0.010 Euro/Wp 0.020 Euro/Wp 0.030 Euro/Wp
All other countries All other system types 0.015 Euro/Wp 0.030 Euro/Wp 0.040 Euro/Wp

Discount for large scale systems:
For objects whose installable module power exceeds 5,000 kWp, the commission (which is defined in the tabular price list) will be reduced by 50% for the share of the object that exceeds 5,000 kWp.

All prices exclude the value-added tax.

All additional agreements regarding the due date of the commission, the commissions for follow-up business transactions and the business relationship in general are documented in the license agreement as well as the terms and conditions for the use of the online marketplace

This price list is valid with immediate effect.

Project Forum 4t2 GmbH

August 1st, 2012