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ProjectForum4t2 accelerates internationalization with focus on Romania

Hamburg, December 10, 2012

After feed-in tariffs for solar power plants have been significantly reduced in Germany and Italy over the last months, market participants start to explore emerging markets in Eastern Europe. New support schemes in Romania, Slovenia and Poland increase the potential for photovoltaic projects enormously. ProjectForum4t2 has quickly acquired the expertise to identify solar energy projects in these countries as well as to pre-qualify such projects with regard to their development stage.

Romania particularly sustainable market
In Romania – a country with very good solar radiation levels and high availability of suitable sites – solar power plant operators receive so-called green certificates for solar electricity fed to the grid over a 15 year period. The certificate price varies in a bandwidth between 27 to 55 Euros which has been determined by law. For each generated megawatt hour (MWh), solar power plant operators currently receive six green certificates. Accordingly, one kilowatt hour (kWh) of solar electricity has a value between16.2 and
33.0 Euro-Cents/kWh. As in addition the produced electricity can be sold on the power exchange for up to
4.2 Euro-Cents/kWh, more and more EPC contractors and investors investigate this new market. The described conditions are expected to remain stable through 2013, providing a good basis for further market development.
ProjectForum4t2 compensates market entry barriers
‘New markets involve unknown and thus seemingly complicated approval processes for solar projects. To understand the various stages of project development in detail is crucial to avoid unwanted surprises’ states Karsten Kreissler, CEO of ProjectForum4t2. ‘Our team has gained in-depth expertise in Eastern Europe and could establish excellent relations with numerous local developers over the past 12 months. This gives our users a head-start into these new markets’. Currently, more than 100 MWp of pre-checked and fully documented project rights in Romania are being offered via The early focus on Eastern Europe has paid off already and once again demonstrates the value of a transparent and efficient marketplace for solar projects and solar power plants.

About ProjectForum4t2
ProjectForum4t2 operates, the first international and professional online marketplace for solar projects and power plants. The marketplace is the direct link between project developers, EPC contractors and investors. All offers are checked for completeness and consistency before publication. Each offer is associated with its own data room in which the comprehensive project documentation is stored. This ensures that only real projects are offered and unnecessary middlemen are excluded.
The team of ProjectForum4t2 has many years of proven experience in the development, planning, and implementation, as well as financing and management of solar power plants in Europe. Project Forum 4t2 GmbH was founded in 2010 and is based in Hamburg.

For further information contact:
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